Duncan Parks and George P. Perez invites an alluring enigma to the 12th and Bannock Bldg. in Denver’s Golden Triangle Creative District. Located within and existing gallery “Black Crow Gallery,” Doublespace releases “Biophilia,” a collaborative exhibition between a photographer and an industrial designer. Opening August 30th, 2019 this is the gallery’s third exhibition. This time, to completely transform the space. A “must see” exhibition!

Photo by Matthew Pevear of Entrance to “Biophilia” Post-Opening, 2019

“The pairing process  is an exciting yet challenging approach to exhibiting artists,” says Doublspace co-founder Keenan Mehrens. “By taking attention away from a traditional gallery exhibit, the walls become merely a white surface.” Parks and Perez opt to draw the viewers focus to the ground. Yet somehow, the space seems familiar, as though you were exploring a new trailhead or just walking alongside a mountain stream. Perhaps to contemplate the likelihood of another world, something existential. The space invites you to engage with the space. There are rocks and rock and then, even more rocks. Eventually the strange reveal of markings as you begin to examine these objects.

Photo by Matt Pevear of Two Pairs of Boots, 2019

You begin to wonder… are they fossils or fissures? Are they natural or manmade? Better yet, are they engravings from an historic past or interpretations of a distant future? Using vectors to create line drawings, Parks takes contour outlines from a image supplied by artist and photographer George Perez. With the help of technology, the vector communicates with CNC equpiptment to transfer the date onto these carefully selected objects. It is in these engravings where something inside you becomes alive. The exaggerated depth adds an an element of curiosity and mystery, sometimes even fear to the work.

Photo of Engraved Rock on Steel Plate, 2019

Meanwhile, Perez brings a different skillset to this collaboration. Through the use of found objects and techniques of previous works in photography, this series of work speaks to a larger conversation. In this case a found image of Yellowstone National Park takes root in Denver, Colorado. Preserved within a historic object of nature, the fossilized context of this image can appear to be lost; missing. Especially when these works are examined and ultimately experienced independently.

Photo by Matthew Pevear of the “Biophilia” Exhibition, 2019

Through the transformation of this existing interior environment, an opportunity almost seemed to present, or evoke, an exterior landscape. The element of location, of place, is never lost. Filled by domestic representations and qualities, the room consist of not only fixtures and hardware but an air purifier assisting with the understanding to retain natural environments, an ode to preservation and sustainability. It seems as though the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. These two exciting creatives took a change and willingly took a gamble and seized a wonderful opportunity to create a collaborative body of work that might not have otherwise been a consideration or possibility. Doublespace invites you to experience this one for yourselves.

If you like the works from this exhibition be sure to check out the artists instagram accounts @duncan.parks and @georgepperez and check out what they are up to. For more information,Stay tuned for September’s pop up exhibition preview and be sure to check out one of our opening receptions on the Final Friday of each month through November. Click Here to see exhibition photos.

for additional information please contact info@dblspc.com

Photos by Matthew Pevear and Doublespace

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