Dylan Griffith and Vera Benschop explore the coexistence of landscape and the adventure within. Doublespace presents the fourth exhibition “A Rock is a Mountain and We are a River Passing Through” on September 27, 2019.

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Photo of Display Sign at Opening Reception of “A Rock is a […] Passing Through”, 2019

Tucked away in a gallery known as Black Crow, a shoebox room containing exciting things opens  their doors for visitors alike to join in on the fun and adventure in the West. From high deserts to mountainous peaks and valleys, Dylan Griffith creates a series of almost psychedelic paintings capturing the magic attributes that many find only in the west. These almost dream like paintings find their place outdoors, in nature. From the Arizona Desert to the Grand Tetons there is always something magical happening out there. But where do they go?

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Photo of West Wall through Window of Doublespace, 2019

Along comes a photographer by the name of Vera who might just have what it takes to answer that question. On a constant search for place and endless nag towards exploration, she retreats to nature for inspiration. What better way than to head north for a good ol’ camping trip! Now, Vera has respect for wildlife and is a firm believer in leaving no trace, no trace of her, or them. With nowhere to go an no map for guidance, she uses her camera to remind her of her journey. It was here where she began to see the magic.

DSC_0012Gilmore FluX 20191024.JPG
Photo of V. Benschop at Opening Reception of “A Rock is a […] Passing Through” , 2019

The magic was in the sky and from the earth. It was also at night! What a great time for marshmallows and campfire stories. It began with a man in red. The man in red was not the devil but a spirit of the fire. He led a life of mystery and magic but not like a wizard. The man in red saw things, visuals, perhaps a mirage. He saw Towers and Rainbows and cowboys and pigs and birds and funny shapes in the sky. A wild dude from what I recall. He shared stories of his travels and the encounters he crossed paths with. The story that stuck with me the most was the pilgrimage to rainbow mountain.

DSC_0034Gilmore FluX 20191024.JPG
Photo of Opening Reception on September 27th, 2019

If you like the works from this exhibition be sure to check out the artists instagrams @verabenschop and @dylansgriffith and check out what they are up to. For more information, stay tuned for September’s pop up exhibition preview and be sure to check out one of our opening receptions on the Final Friday of each month through November. Click Here to see exhibition photos.

for additional information contact info@dblspc.com

Photos by Matthew Pevear and Doublespace

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