Doublespace is back at it again, bringing unique programming to creatives across the Rockies. Last year, we established our flagship gallery located in Denver Colorado. The one hundred square foot project space was an open platform for single week pop-up exhibitions showcasing curated collaborations. They duos were encouraged to exercise their conceptual works and talents for a creative minded audience. From paintings to installations to sculptural experimentation, we quickly became a space for creatives, by creatives. Together we established a different style of exhibition that is engaging and ultimately challenging, expanding our perceptions while exploring visual artistry. In 2020, Doublespace has closed their Golden Triangle Gallery in order to be a bit more free-formed. With the same emphasis on collaboration, discussion and exploration, we work to provide creatives with unique opportunities that both grow their practice as well as their creative base within the progressive world of contemporary art while providing viewers with a new experience.

This year, we would like to announce, the Doublespace 2020 Summer Roadside Destination Pop-Up Series. Composed of (3) single day exhibitions, these destination Pop-Ups will be nestled amongst beautiful scenery and epic Landscapes. Selected creatives will produce a variety of site specific works that offers a unique alternative to incorporating art into our daily lives. We would love for you to join us on this artistic pilgramicdge and encourage you to pack you bags, you vehicles and come camp alongside Doublespace as we begin this new venture of Exhibitions.

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We would like to Thank Deanne Gertner, Angela Craven, Drew Austin, Emma Benschop, Mae Phillips, George Perez, Duncan Parks, Dylan Griffith, Vera Benschop, Andrea Dolter, Chelsea Gilmore, Keenan Mehrens, Matt Kuck and Steven Meyers for their efforts and commitment to embracing our collaborative program.

for additional information please contact info@dblspc.com

Photos by Doublespace

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